About Us

Our Mission? 

From creative 1st birthday parties to unique 50th wedding anniversaries, the Fantastic Party Factory is the number one event architecture “firm” in south Florida. Through our passion and enthusiasm ensuring our clients have the time of their life, we create memorable events and one of a kind experiences. Our talented and professional staff works to expand each party experience for every one of our extraordinary clients. From children to adults, schools to corporations, we are diverse in our application of creative programs. Always working diligently to produce unforgettable, stimulating and thought provoking experiences, the Fantastic Party Factory is ready to make your memories.

To some an event is just a birthday or a holiday; to us it is so much more. At the Fantastic Party Factory we work to elevate your special occasion to the next level. For more than 11 years, Miss Nava has been creating interactive and engaging events for children, but as our clients grow up, we want to make sure they still have a good time. We have mastered the art of developing amazing experiences for children and are now applying that knowledge to design high energy, unique events for everyone.

A former pre-school teacher, Miss Nava is committed to providing fun, and engaging interactive programs for your little ones. We believe that children learn best and thrive when activities are fun, stimulating and take place in a loving environment. From high energy musical shows, specialty theme parties, to challenging treasure hunts and more …we leap above and beyond the ordinary and make fantasy a reality.

Creative ideas combined with years of experience, careful planning and a lot of love makes each party an effortless success for the client and fantastic fun for the guests. We all know age is just a number, so at Fantastic Party Factory, we work to make sure everyone walks away with a great memory.  Leave the details to us and the fun to everyone!