Party Tips

    1. Give yourself plenty of time! You should start planning and checking dates about  6 to 8  weeks prior to your big event.
    2. Enlist help!  Call your friends at The Fantastic Party Factory to assist in designing the room, theme or event elements.
    3. Choose a theme. A theme makes planning your party much easier, and it sparks your guests’ enthusiasm. Get Creative!
    4. Pick a place.  Party rooms, parks, restaurants, country clubs or your backyard are all fantastic places for an event.  Poolside and beachside are mindful options too.
    5. Plan activities.  Formulate an age appropriate array of activities for the kids and adults. Craft stations, interactive shows, Performers (like magicians) would be a “main” show and then accessorize with the fun stuff…. like facepainting, glitter tattoos, bounce houses, fun foods, photo montages and more!
    6. Food.  Creatively design the menu so it will feed the adults (who eat) and entice the kids (who usually don’t eat much if they are happily engaged in the activities.  For younger parties, consider small bites so guests can eat and keep moving!
    7. Spread the word. Invites should go out about 4 weeks in advance. Check with your child’s class roster so you’re not doubling up and double booking… (that’s  Another reason to get invites out early)
    8. To encourage mingling, put out less chairs than there are people. People can’t mingle if they are sitting. Also, for little ones, they usually never sit down at the same time, however, keeping a “kids” area with little tables and chairs will ensure that they sit and eat “something”. The little ones love their own space at a fun, festive table.
    9. Remember to put enough tables or an end table near the chairs so that people can put their plates down.
    10. During the party, get social  You invite people to your party to mix, mingle and have fun. Greeting them with a smile will create an easy atmosphere.
    11. Music Makes the Event  Create a playlist (or we can do it) to support your theme. Use a variety of music that will keep guests moving, it will enhance their party experience