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Make your own Piñata!

Long associated with Mexico, pinatas actually originated in Italy, where clay pots were filled with treats and slung high above the ground to be broken with sticks. Adopted by the Spanish, the custom arrived in Mexico with the explorers, who had since begun to add color and decoration. When tissue paper became widely available during the 20th century, the pinata evolved again, incorporating more

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Great Party Ideas!

Check out these tips to make your next party special…    With over 20 years experience as birthday aficionados,  we have accumulated tons of kid party ideas and party tips to make your birthday party stress free and fun.  The following kid birthday party ideas will aid you in your birthday party planning. It’s a very important day in your child’s life… the whole experience should

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5 Important Party Tips

1. Be prepared. Decide on a menu that can be prepared in advance — no-fail foods that you won’t have to worry about. “If you have to be in the kitchen the whole time, then you’re really not being the host,” says Roane. “If you’re not there, you’re leaving your guest to fend for themselves.” Warner’s rule of thumb: The bigger the event, the more

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Check out this super easy kids treat… EASTER EGG POPSICLES!! To make these frosty treats, you will need: Fruit juice Plastic Easter eggs lolipop sticks  A large nail and thumbtack Small funnel or piping tip to fill the eggs First, tip the eggs upside down and poke three holes in the bottom. Two of these holes are for letting the air escape when filling the

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It’s the Fantastic Party Factory!

Creating events that have synergy, flare and creativity is our passion An enviornment that is fun for kids and easy for grown ups