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With over 20 years experience as birthday aficionados,  we have accumulated tons of kid party ideas and party tips to make your birthday party stress free and fun.  The following kid birthday party ideas will aid you in your birthday party planning. It’s a very important day in your child’s life… the whole experience should be fun, not stressful.

Birthday Party Idea #1

Tie a bouquet of balloons around your mailbox or front of your house. A lot of parents already do this, but for those who don’t, it’s makes it a lot easier for anyone trying to find the house if they have never been to your home, (Not to mention the entertainer if you have one!)

Extra kid party idea: let the birthday child select the colors for the balloons. Anything you can do to get your child involved in the birthday party planning is great for their self-esteem and self-confidence. Kids really want to help out. We have creative balloon packages and will set up decor in site!  Want info on balloons? Email us at

Birthday Party Idea #2  

Protect your pets! Keep dogs, cats etc. separated from the party area. Pets can get nervous  and some of your little guests might not be okay with pets, either because of allergies or fears.   To eliminate the chance of a bite or excessive barking, keep fido in his own safe space or at grandmas house during the party.

Birthday Party Idea #3  

Involve the entire family in your birthday party planning. Siblings can sometime feel left out, neglected when it’s not their birthday. Perhaps an older child can be in charge taking pictures. Maybe one of the siblings can introduce the entertainer when it’s time for the show. Another might collect all the presents as children arrive. Another could help prepare refreshments, invitations etc. Be creative with your kid party ideas!

Birthday Party Idea #4

What to serve for food? Easy to handle food such as mini sandwiches, pizza bites, fruit skewers work well.  Parents always appreciate a salad and think of using cups for salad instead of plates for a portable solution to eating while running after kids! Remember kids don’t eat a lot at parties… but parents might.

Birthday Party Idea #5

This one is important… Some children might get overwhelmed by all the attention or lack of attention (siblings). Consider taking  a few moments to prepare your child for the party. You might play act or rehearse how you would like your child to answer the door, greet the guests and receive the presents. Discuss good manners and acceptable behavior for the party. It’s also important to give your other children a little extra love on the day of the party, remembering the limelight is on the birthday child.

Birthday Party Idea #6 

Entertainment? Hiring an entertainer for your child’s party can really make the party experience for your child a memorable one.  It’s a good thing you already know about the crew at THE FANTASTIC PARTY FACTORY… you’ve found the best entertainment team around! Most shows run 45 minutes to 2 hours. Remember this is your chance to relax!  Our helpful staff can assist with the flow of activity, keeping things neat and making sure the day is stress free… or as stress free as possible with 25 children running around your home!

Birthday Party Idea #7 

Have a specific time frame for the party. The window should be about 2 to 3 hours total (not including set up). There are a few things to consider when planning the time frame of your event.

What time of day  is your child at his/her best?
What time of day are the elements right at the party space (like, when is it coolest, or out of the direct sun?)

Will you have an appropriate time to set up/break down?

Are most of your guests local or traveling from another town?

Birthday Party Idea #8

It’s usually common courtesy to send thank you notes or cards to all the guests. Take a picture with the birthday child as they enter. When you get the film developed, order double prints and include a snapshot of the birthday child and each guest with the thank you note. You can even have the birthday child help make the thank you notes/cards. Your child will learn from an early age the importance of thank you notes and the parents of all your guests will love them.

Birthday party Idea #9 

Find and decorate a large cardboard box to put presents in. The birthday child could decorate with bright colorful wrapping paper or simply color it. This adds a nice festive touch to the party and also shows off your child’s creative skills!

Birthday Party Idea #10 

Consider getting a gift card as a party favor! Send your friends to a local yogurt store or bookstore… or maybe a certificate to your favorite toystore! Giving a mindful (and generous) parting gift of $5 goes farther than $5 of small plastic (and easy to break)  toys.


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