Check out this super easy kids treat… EASTER EGG POPSICLES!!

To make these frosty treats, you will need:

  • Fruit juice
  • Plastic Easter eggs
  • lolipop sticks 
  • A large nail and thumbtack
  • Small funnel or piping tip to fill the eggs

Egg Carton PopsicleFirst, tip the eggs upside down and poke three holes in the bottom. Two of these holes are for letting the air escape when filling the egg, the third one should be in the center of the bottom. Make this center hole bigger using the large nail. You will need it to be as big as the popsicle stick. Once that is done, and you have your egg carton full of “hole-y” eggs, use the piping tip to fill each one until almost full, and then poke in the popsicle stick and place in the freezer until firm (I froze mine overnight).

When you are ready to eat them, let them sit out for a second, or hold the top part in your hands to warm it up and open the egg on up. The kids enjoyed them right out of the plastic egg, and when they got down to the bottom part, the eggs easily slipped on out of the “shell” so they could finish the rest.


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